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Kenny G
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2021-10-28, 08:15 PM

The 1st quiz will be held on Monday 2021/11/1 at 09:00PM, covering the introduction (Chapter #1)

2021-10-15, 09:10 PM

The MS Teams online sessions will be held Wed 07:30PM and Sat 07:30PM, starting next week. You can attend any one, but if neither is ok with your schedule then consider changing your registration before the deadline, as attendance is a must

2021-10-11, 10:10 PM

Make sure you vote for a 75 minutes synchronous sessions on MS Teams. We need to have 2 slots and you can attend either one. Hasan Abu Saeleek is administering the process 

2021-09-03, 02:25 PM

See you Sunday 2021-10-10


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