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05/22: The CpE 353 Final Exam is scheduled at 02:30 PM on 19/6/2022 in NF37

05/22: The CpE 354 Final Exam is scheduled at 02:30 PM on 6/6/2022 in NF26 & NF37


03/30: today's online quizzes are shifted from 2:15PM to 8:15PM

03/30: may get few minutes late on today's online meeting at 1:00PM, please wait

03/16: the first bonus is scheduled tomorrow; Thursday 9:00PM on Moodle

03/15: the first quiz is scheduled tomorrow; Wednesday 2:15PM on Moodle

03/13: out of 19 students, 11 against 6 voted for Wednesday meetings to stay online

03/07: the online weekly meeting will be on Wednesdays1:00 - 2:30 PM

03/06: will schedule the online sessions tomorrow, attendance is necessary

03/02: due to the schedule instability, the said vote will be put on hold.

02/28: there will be a Moodle vote to set the day & time of the MS Teams weekly meeting and another for the weekly quiz.

02/26: classes start tomorrow, February 27th, and looking forward to seeing you.