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  • Attendance may be taken any time

  • Contact the instructor and assistants via the official email or eLearning messaging system (not via the social media)

  • Stay informed via this site and the eLearning system

  • No phone rings or side talks in class

  • No video or audio recording and  no photography in class

  • Quizzes and assignments have no makeups

  • Marks reflect your performance on that specific test, and has nothing to do with anything else like your social issues or academic status

  • Communicate using formal channels; like formal email



  • Use only your own resources

  • Use only blue or black pen; no pencils

  • Phones and tablets must be turned off and set aside 

  • Books and notes must be out of reach

  • Passing things around results in dismissal

  • No questions of any kind to any one

  • Time left will be said when 50% and 25%
  • Final exams are 105 min, no in our out before 50 min

  • Midterm exams are 50 min, no in our out before 25 min

  • Quizzes are 10 to 15 min. and can be any time​​

  • Do not write any kind of non scientific information on your papers



  • Both the procedure and the final answer or design have to be correct

  • Exams and quizzes are marked using keys, you are not to argue the grading process

  • Do your best and do not listen to negative views like: the course is not important for my study plan or career, the course is hard, the instructor is not a good one, etc.

  • Read questions thoroughly before you start answering

  • Do not waste your time on a question you are not sure of, try the next

  • Show your work and write the answers in the dedicated space

  • Be neat and to the point and do not write in the margins, do not make a mess and add arrows to follow



For a letter of recommendation, the following conditions must apply:

  • You took at least two courses with me, and achieved at least A 

  • You send me a copy of your official transcript, marking the courses I taught you.

  • You request an electronic submission to the destination, by email or through website (no paper letters).

  • You waive your right to see the recommendation.

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