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Jordan University of Science and Technology, best higher education institution nationwide


University of Alabama in Huntsville, USA space grant college 


Highest performance computers in the world, a list issued in July and November


Deep learning, using neural computing concepts in artificial intelligence  

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Journey in clean rooms, where complex silicon chips are made

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The 22 nm process fabrication explained with 20 millions time zoom 


Explaining computers, video reviews about hardware and software

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Gary Explains, videos explaining hardware and software things

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"Hello world", on the 8-bit 6502 processor of the 70's


All about circuits, explaining how electronic components and circuits work 

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Engineers Garage, help on wide range of topics


Intel processors generations, from the first 4-bit 4004 to the latest 64-bit processors 

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The two processor design trends or styles; CISC vs. RISC


BIOS versus UEFI, description and comparison of the first and last firmware


Quantum computing, the qubits concept and theories of quantum mechanics


Photonic computing, processing data as wave transactions while being transferred   

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Data Centers, all design issues from computing performance to power and security

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Sierra, the 2nd fastest computer in the world, after Summit, equivalent to 100 million PC's


Technical news and  reviews of electronics and information technology

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John Hennessy, interview with the father of modern computing, Stanford University president  

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John Hennessy, an interesting talk about the future of computing by a pioneer


3D Lakefield stacks 2 layers of DRAM, a layer of CPUs/GPUs and a layer of Cache & I/O

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Performance needs harmony; M.2 interface and NVMe protocol make it right

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ARM, the processor that powers the phones is now in powerful cloud servers 

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Neuromorphic computing, an architecture that works like brain, in-memory processing 

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Man discovered fire, wheel, electricity ... and invented the transistor to change the world

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The blue LED came decades after the red and green and got the inventor Nobel prize

Flip Chip Wire Bond.jpg

Complex chip packaging technology; Flip Chip versus Wire Bond

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64-bit versus 32-bit computing, why is it faster ?


Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks (RAID) is an arrangement for performance and integrity  

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Expert Academy, video collection about "how to"

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Crash course, video collection about computing hardware and software

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EERAM, serial SRAM with non-volatile backup transistors powered by a capacitor 

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A tiny low pin count controller with small built-in SRAM & EEPROM and lots of functions

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Electrical Engineering Video Blog, interesting videos about how things work 

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FPGA, tens of millions of blocks and connections, programmed to achieve complex functionality


Cloud Computing; types of services: SaaS, Paas and IaaS

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Printed Circuit Board (PCB) fabrication process

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Logic gates implementation using discrete transistors


Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) clean room

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How does the Internet work ? 


Zoom into a silicon chip, see the tracks 


Global Positioning System (GPS), how does it work?


Carbon NanoTubes, Silicon alternative with better power and performance

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GPU & CPU explained with examples

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32-bit ARM Cortex controller with memory (10 layers chip) on plastic 

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Moore's Law is about to end, what is next ?


Capacitors, a component used in abundance in electronics 

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The making of Intel's Optane memory

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Intel's Optane Data Center Persistent Memory

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CircuitBread, tools, tutorials, equations, textbooks


Graphene computing and 3D chips for high performance 

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PCI Express Gen 4.0, how fast and why is on the way ...

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Artificial Neural Networks Architectures

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MCB FET is replacing the GAA FET, nano sheets instead of nano wires


Voltage Regulator Module (VRM) or Processor Power Module (PPM) explained

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Exoskeleton have many uses, helping paralyzed walk and getting heavy work done easily


The top 10 technologies of the year 2020 and their global business value

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TECH Videos, just about everything you need to know in computing hardware  


Gallium Nitride, the post Silicon material 


The workshop, a nice place to know much about components used in digital systems


How magnetic hard disk drives work ...


How dynamic memory work ...

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